Sire Detail - GBR 8202 (Pitbull)

(Picture taken as ram lamb)

Katahdin Hair Sheep Ram
Katahdin Hair Sheep Ram
Katahdin Hair Sheep Ram
Katahdin Hair Sheep Ram

Pitbull was a big boy from the start, he weighed in at 17 pounds on his first day, luckily his mother had no problems delivering such a big boy. He just kept on growing to be the heaviest lamb we have ever had at weaning (96 pounds at 90 days old). He is a single but his dam had triplets in 2017 so we don’t hold that against him.

Pitbull weighed 184 pounds in December and does not have a huge frame. We like that he produces fast growing lambs with a moderate frame.


Pitbull produced 36 lambs here in 2019 and we kept 7 of his daughters in our flock. He has excellent growth, very good parasite resistance as well as good maternal traits. We did allocate ewes with lower birth weight EBV’s to him in order to bring down the birth weights in his offspring.


He is a son of Midnight and shares in his looks, growth and parasite resistance while bringing improved maternal traits from his dam.

The lambs he produced in 2019 had good growth and parasite resistance and we are looking forward to seeing how his ewe lambs do as far as expression of their maternal traits go. 

Pitbull has EBVs for weaning weight and post weaning weights in the top 1%  in NSIP. His EBV for parasite resistance at weaning (WFEC) and parasite resistance post weaning (PFEC) is in the top 20%. His MWWT (measure of milk production and mothering of his daughters) is in the top 40%.

Pitbull made the Katahdin Proven Sire Trait Leader List for post weaning weight in 2019. (July 2019 EBVs of sires with offspring in NSIP):

Ranked number 11 on the list for Post Weaning Weight

Basic Detail



Birth Type


Codon 171



WHK 1352


NGM 1735

Below we show his NSIP (National Sheep Improvement Program) EBVs (Estimated Breeding Values).

We realize that not everybody is familiar with this.

NSIP Detail

ID 6401552018GBR202

* Data at NSIP link is updated less frequently.

Values in parenthesis below indicate where the value preceding it falls in the NSIP percentile report. 

E.g. WWT 2.26 (85%) : This value is in the highest 15% in NSIP for WWT, about 85% of animals have a WWT that is lower than this value and 15% of animals have a WWT that is higher than this value.

Data Date

# Offspring

# Flocks





0.779 (100%)



3.770 (99%)


7.216 (99%)


7.097 (99%)

Parasite Resistance



-72.81 (80%)

-90.32 (80%)




-1.449 (100%)

-1.311 (10%)



0.496 (60%)


4.3% (30%)


2.5% (20%)


2.724 (99%)

Hair Index

102.9 (30%)

Percentile Summary

The Radar Chart below provides an overview of where the sire EBVs are ranked on the NSIP percentile report. The 100th band is the top performing and 0th band is the bottom performing, the 50th band is the median. What is best depends on what you are looking for and what the performance of your ewes are, e.g. we do not try to maximize the NLB (number of lambs born), the 10th percentile of NLB results in about a 200% lambing rate, very high NLB is hard to support in a 100% grass/forage management system.


NSIP (National Sheep Improvement Program) Acronyms / Nomenclatures

  • BWT - Birth Weight (Top / 100th percentile is highest BWT)

  • WWT - Weaning Weight (Top / 100th percentile is highest WWT)

  • PWWT - Post Weaning Weight (Top / 100th percentile is highest PWWT)

  • HWT - Hogget Weight (Top / 100th percentile is highest HWT)

  • WFEC - Weaning Fecal Egg Count (Top / 100th percentile is lowest WFEC)

  • PFEC - Post Weaning Fecal Egg Count (Top / 100th percentile is lowest PFEC)

  • PFAT - Post Weaning Fat Depth (Top / 100th percentile is lowest PFAT)

  • PEMD - Post Weaning Eye Muscle Depth (Top / 100th percentile is largest PEMD)

  • MWWT - Maternal Weaning Weight (Top / 100th percentile is highest MWWT)

  • NLB - Number of Lambs Born (Top / 100th percentile is largest NLB)

  • NLW - Number of Lambs Weaned (Top / 100th percentile is largest NLW)

  • PSC - Post Weaning Scrotal Circumference (Top / 100th percentile is largest NLW)

  • Hair Index - (Top / 100th percentile is highest Hair Index, also called Index or USA Hair Index)

* NSIP ranking for EBVs are based on the February 2020 percentile report. Learn more.