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100% Grass/Forage Fed Katahdin Lamb

Grass/Forage Fed

Grass/forage fed animals get to eat grass, legumes and weeds (our sheep love dandelions and burdock) with no added grains, protein blocks, molasses etc. (we do provide loose minerals). During the winter when there's too much snow on the ground or if we are out of pasture we feed the sheep hay. If we were to feed them grain they would grow bigger quicker but we prefer to let them mature a little slower and eat a natural diet. This leads to healthier sheep and great tasting meat. 

We manage the land for optimal grazing. We follow a management intensive grazing system where we try and move the sheep every day, we don't graze a pasture if the grass is not long enough and we leave enough of a residual to allow for a quick recovery. 

Here lambs are eating chicory in one of the pastures we use to finish lambs.

Katahdin Sheep

Katahdin sheep were developed in Maine to produce great tasting lamb and to shed their winter coat in the spring rather than requiring shearing.


Taste and not requiring shearing are the primary reasons why we are breeding Katahdin sheep. Katahdin lamb has a smooth, mild flavor that appeals to those who don't like a strong "gamey" taste, but never disappoints the true lover of lamb.

Lamb For Sale

We offer meat lambs for sale on a reservation basis. We expect to have 60 - 80 pound live weight lambs available starting in July and 90 pound plus lambs after September. Please reserve your lamb to ensure that we hold a lamb for you. Contact Us if you are interested in lambs or require more information.

Occasionally we have sheep available for mutton, these are adults that can not perform their work as breeding animals anymore. Katahdin mutton has a mild flavor and is a lot more tender than most people would expect. Contact Us if you are interested to be notified when any become available.  

Some people are just looking for lambs that they want to keep as pets or grow their own lambs while using them as lawnmowers without having to breed their own lambs, they are typically called feeder lambs. We do sell feeder lambs, they are lambs that did not make the cut as breeding stock, the first group of feeder lambs are typically available in July. Please make sure to contact us in advance to reserve feeder lambs.

We sell live animals only, you can pick up on the farm or we will deliver (for a fee) to the processor of your choice. You can pick the custom butcher that you like or we can recommend someone. You contact them and make arrangements for a slaughter date as well as which cuts of lamb you would like. Unfortunately we do not offer on farm slaughter and we do not offer lamb cuts for sale. If you are new to buying whole lamb you might want to read more about what to expect.

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