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Pigs Preparing For Winter

It is that time of year again where it is all about winter that is coming. We are planning to over winter the pigs in the woods this year. We still need to figure out how we can always get to them when there's a lot of snow on the ground.

The piglets are growing well. They enjoy the woods and seem to find a lot of additional food by rooting around, not to mention the enjoyment.

We make a point of having physical contact with the pigs and the piglets, that makes handling them a lot less stressful and we enjoy it.

We do feed the pigs oats and grain, we also give them some eggs on days when we have too many. They are willing to do a lot for an egg.

When it is cold we give them bales of straw to play with and refresh their bedding. They do of this themselves, they know best where they want more straw.

Here's one of the sows with a mouth full of straw on her way into the shelter to refresh the bedding.

Let's see what winter brings.

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